ADA Signs

Signarama is an industry leader in providing approved and attractive custom disability signs.

Our expertise at identifying and assessing your company's needs for these mandated custom disability sign systems is very valuable. We can arrange to do a site survey and evaluate your disability signage for compliance to local and federal rules. Signarama custom disability sign solutions can be as simple as replacing or adding to your existing disability signage or creating a new program from scratch. We are ready to help you!

Businesses and common spaces of all types are required to adhere to the disability sign rules. This includes but is not limited to schools, offices, warehouses, medical centers, transportation centers, and more.

Custom disability signs are often made of plastic, weatherproof acrylic or metal. Wood can also be used, but most newer implementations shy away from wood over the other more popular materials. Custom disability signs are manufactured using a number of different techniques. Some methods provide unparalleled durability, while others allow for signs with greater elegance and a wider variety of design options.

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