The Inquiries tab allows you to view and download inquires made on your website. You can also view, edit and add fields on the Inquiry form.


My Inquiries

My Inquires allows you to view all inquires that are made on the site. You can see inquiry reference, customer, products, when the inquiry was created, requested and the status.

  • Select My Inquires from the Inquires dropdown.

To view past inquiries click View Archived button located at the top right of the screen.


Inquiry Form Field

The inquiry form field screen allows you to add fields and content to the inquiry form.

  • Select Inquiry Form Fields from the Inquiry dropdown.
  • Click on Add new field, located at the top left of the screen.

  • Select the type of field you would like to add from the left column.

  • Fill out field options located to the left.
  • Save Changes


Download Inquiry

You can download inquiries made on your site by selecting the inquiry status.

  • Select Download Inquiry from the Inquiry dropdown.
  • Click on the download link located to the right of the inquiry status you wish to download.