The Ecommerce dropdown is where you can set your ecommerce settings such as payment options, payment provider, shopping cart options, view orders, sales tax, and create coupons/specials.

General Settings/Payment Settings

This is where you enter your ecommerce information for your website. (Reference Section II Home/Ecommerce for more information).

Shipping Charges

This is where you can set up and add additional shipping methods and charges.

  • Select Shipping Charges from the Ecommerce dropdown.
  • Under Shipping Options, check the box to show Shipping Methods to the Shopper at time of checkout.
  • You can add shipping charges to order value by selecting Add New Charge and setting up order value ranges.

  • You can set up Shipping Methods by selecting Add a new shipping method, located at the bottom left of the Shipping Methods box.

  • Fill out Shipping method name, Charge Value, Method Options and Save this shipping method.

Note: After making all your selections select Save Changes, located at the bottom right of the Shipping Charges Screen.


View Orders

  • Select View orders from the Ecommerce dropdown.
  • You can search orders by customer using the search box, located at the top right of the screen.
  • To View order details including artwork, select View

Example of Order Summary:


Sales Tax

  • Select Sales Tax from the Ecommerce dropdown.
  • To set up sales tax, use the dropdown to select the states where tax is applicable.
  • Check the box, if the store is tax exempt.
  • Save Changes



Here is where you can create and activate coupons/specials for customers to use when placing orders. Customers will enter coupon codes at the time of checkout, and the coupon will be applied to their order.

  • Select Coupons from the Ecommerce dropdown.

  • Here you can view all coupons that have been created and their status.
  • Click Edit, located in the far right column, to make any changes or edits to existing coupons
  • To add a coupon, select Add Coupon located at the top right of the screen.

  • Fill in coupon fields: code, name, validity, time frame (To select date click into field and make your selection using the pop up calendar), coupon type, block more coupons, price adjustments, checkout code, subtotal, category and/or product.
  • Click Save.