FAQ – Existing User

The “Basics”

When is the site going LIVE?

  • It is alive!

What do I need to do for the launch?

  • Take a look at your OLD website on this temporary address and check that all your content was properly transferred. Next, attend webinars, you will receive your website's access info after that to setup your contact and payment information. If this is not done, you will not receive orders online upon launch.

How do I manage my site?

  • Use the following format to access your management screen:
  • Another method is to simply add /manage after the store's homepage address:
    • state-city refers to your Store Site's custom address (Ex: on-northbay)

How do I get support?

  • Website guide, help sheets and videos will be available on this site, plus your local Operational Advisors have been trained on the basic editing of the system. If you need to talk to a person please call the SIGNARAMA office.

I still need to access my old site, where can I find it?

  • Your old Community Site is still available on this address but it will be shutting down by the end of June, so make sure you get anything you need before the deadline.
  • You can access your old Admin dashboard the same manner here:


Conversion Questions

Where did my new site come from?

  • We copied your existing Community Site's content and graphics to your new Store Site

My store site did not transfer correctly and does not look right?

  • Create a list with page links and email them to and we will remedy them before launch

I am missing pages on my new site?

  • If you find an error, please look and compare it on your Community Site. If you still see this issue, please send an email with the page link to

How do I change my site?

  • You can change site photos, links, pages and more. Help tutorials and videos are available.

What new features does the new platform have?

  • Modern design tool, tablet-friendly layout and buttons, customized pricing and inquiry system, better and more robust management system, the ability to add unique products and much more!

Were my company stores transferred over?

  • All active Company Stores were moved over. Following launch, you will have the opportunity to make and edit your own company stores.

I found some mistakes on my old site that were also on my new site?

  • You can edit your Store Site and fix any pages immediately, just log into your Store Site and edit your content and photos.


Business Questions

When will training be offered?

When will I get my Store Site access information?

  • You will get your access information emailed to you after you attend a training webinar. You can change it in the system by resetting it.

How long will the Community Site data and records be accessible?

  • The current platform will be available for 30 days after launch and will be hosted at

Will my Store Site change again after launching the SIGANRAMA brand refresh?

  • The colors and logo of the new website might change, and this will be done by the website staff.


Technical Questions

I am not getting emails from the system?

  • System emails will come from or so please make sure you add them to your safe list on your email client.

I did not get my password reset email?

  • Reset emails will come from or so please make sure you add them to your safe list on your email client. If you are still having issues, please email us at

Why do some of my images (web banners) look low quality?

  • The site look has changed so some banner sizes had to auto-fit into new sizes. We strongly recommend recreating the banners with the following dimensions: 950x324 set at 72 DPI.

What happened to the Lettering Design tool?

  • Now that the design tool is ready, we are working on a special lettering design tool that has much improved functionality.

I spotted a bug, what do I do?

  • Report it to and please list where you found it and the steps you took.

Are you doing domain and site redirects such as 301 & 401?

  • The website team is doing all of that for you, but if you see a dead or incorrect link, please contact us at


Pricing Related Questions

Why did the shipping pricing system change?

  • We have pre-populated shipping charges for pickup and ground only.
  • If you want to offer second and next day you can now edit and control your own shipping rates by percentage or order total.
  • Shipping is currently a percentage of order total set to 22% with the default method set to “local store pickup”

Who set the current prices of signs online?

  • The franchise board reviews online pricing.

Can I change the prices online now?

  • You can adjust your prices up or down by a flat percentage up to a 30%. FAQ – New User

This document is intended for new or newly joining Franchisees to the Marketing Fund program.

How do I get the new website?

  • You can signup for the Marketing Fund which includes the the SIGNARAMA Store Site, local and national advertising campaign, pay-per-click and lead tracking services and more. Call the Marketing Department for more details: (561) 640-5570

Can I keep my LiteSite?

  • We expect the obsolete LiteSite platform to go down sometime this year. It is strongly recommended to switch and upgrade to the Store Site platform before the eventual shutdown of the LiteSites.

Can I keep my current site?

  • Please call the Marketing Department for information regarding your existing website.

Why do I need an E-Commerce platform?

  • The Store Site platform offers the option to sell signs online, but you can setup the system to send orders as inquiries rather than paid orders.

What do non-Marketing Fund members get from the website?

  • Non-members receive a store listing on the website's Store Locator with their contact info.

How can I get my contact information adjusted?

  • Submit a change to so we can update your information.