LED signs offer the ability to display custom text messages, graphics, and video that create a dynamic visual impact at an affordable cost.

Are you really sure of what you are buying when it comes to an LED sign? We get frequent requests from customers for electronic message centre (LED) signs. Often those same customers are enticed to purchase much cheaper signs from our competitors. 

If you're tempted by one of the much less expensive LEDs, we want you to know a little more about what you are purchasing. 

It's Not a Deal – Many of these are much too expensive for what they really are: Low quality indoor LED signs not designed or approved for outdoor use.

Approval - Many of these signs are not listed for approval in Canada and the U.S. Approval is necessary to make sure your LED signs meet all the fire prevention and electrical safety code regulations. 

Conformal Coating – Many of the signs do not have a proper sealant, leaving components exposed outside and inside of the sign. Moisture, humidity, dust, and salt air cause the components to corrode and rod. This leads to sign failure in a very short time.

Cooling System – Some of the signs do not have an internal fan cooling system. They simply overheat and fail in the summer months. 

Cabinet – Many of the signs don’t have rubber gasket seals and moisture easily penetrates the cabinet, leading to quick failure.

Daytime Readable – Some of the signs use poor quality LED’s and are not bright enough to be read in direct sunlight.

Mounting System – There are no exterior mounting brackets. An installer will have to drill into the sign cabinet, accelerating moisture penetration and sign failure. 

Poor Software – The software is written in Chinese or Korean and is of poor quality. It will not be able to show images, messages, or video clips as you would like. 

Little Tech Support – The sellers do not provide technical support or at the very least give limited support. They are not the manufacturer; they are a “middle man”. 

Not Designed for Warmer Climates – Some of the outdoor signs will actually begin to melt in hotter markets.

(The above information is courtesy of I.C.E.)

We use only the most professional, reputable suppliers who stand behind their products with honourable warranties and can service the signs, if required. We believe in standing by our signs for the long-term. We don't want to lose sleep for the next year wondering if your LED investment is going to work in our cold, Canadian weather or if you'll have to pay for a new one if something goes wrong. It's important to us to know that your sign is going to perform not only how we promise it will, but how you EXPECT it to as well!

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