Consider the following research on the impact of vehicle advertising:

Cox Communication/Eagle Research reports:
* 48% of respondents to a recent poll reported vehicle wraps as the most unique advertising medium available
* Vehicle graphics and television ads were viewed as the two most memorable media
* 47% of 18-34-year-olds surveyed found car graphics especially memorable
* Vehicle wraps rank highly among advertising media for positive associations
* Of the target population, 61% spend over 1 hour per day on the road and 33% spend more than 2 hours

The OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) and Driving Revenues, a vehicle-advertising specialist compared consumer impressions made with a $20,000 advertising investment. A $20,000 ad budget will buy:

* 8.4 million impressions from vehicle wraps (in only ONE YEAR!)
* 900,000 listeners reached by radio (10-12 30-second commercials over 6 weeks)
* 700,000 impressions in one month via billboards
* 600,000 impressions in two months from 5-7 buses
* 600,000 households via home-mailing Value-Pak type envelope
* 200,000 addresses reached with direct mail

If a vehicle wrap costs $3,500 (some cost more, some can cost much, MUCH less) and can last (with care) for 3 - 6 years, you can expect a marketing cost of about:

* $700.00 a YEAR
* about $58.30 a month
* less than $13.50 a week
* less than $2.00 a day!

That's less than a fancy coffee every day -- a budget that every business should afford.