Becoming an International Franchisee

When you go global with Signarama, you have the opportunity to choose from 3 different levels of ownership:

1. Master Licensees have exclusive ownership rights to lead and manage the growth of Signarama throughout one or more countries. As a master licensee, you will enjoy full responsibility for adapting the Signarama concept to your country or countries, including selling franchises as well as training and supporting local franchisees.

2. Area Franchisees own the rights to help Master Licensees grow Signarama in a specific part of a country, such as a province or county. As an area franchisee, you would help the Master Licensee sell, open and support franchises in your area. In addition, you would own and operate one or more Signarama stores of your own.

3. Individual Franchisees have the ability to own and operate a Signarama store under the direction of that country’s Master Licensee and/or Area Franchisee.

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