Build Signs Into Your Budget with Signarama Richmond


A careful review of your branding, graphics, and signage can indicate that it's time to re-brand your business!

Having a compelling professional brand and a  well-executed marketing plan will generate sales and should at least pay for itself. Remember that while some of your marketing efforts are easily measurable, others may not be as easy to measure. Exposure and reputation-building is always valuable. 

What should you consider when building your marketing budget?

  • Tradeshows
  • E-marketing – including email, social media, online advertising
  • Public relations and media relations
  • Direct mail
  • Point-of-purchase & display
  • Branding – including building signs, personnel and correspondence
  • Sponsorships and promotions
  • Video and photography
  • Vehicle graphics


So, how can we help you get the most out of your marketing dollars? We can meet all your signage and display needs, including tradeshow displays, vehicle graphics, building and site signs, POP displays, banners and a lot more, for any price point. We know design – we have a superb team of designers capable of producing just about anything. We understand small businesses and branding because we're a small business, too!

Signarama Richmond can help you create your Sign Budget by providing you with Quotes and various price point options. You can also arrange a free Signarama Richmond 360° Visibility Review that will help you assess your signage needs.




Sign Budgeting Checklist*

Items to consider while preparing your sign and marketing budget.


Pretend you are the customer and review all areas for appearance, cleanliness, branding and messaging, overall appeal.


Facility Review

Entry Signage

o Is it easy to spot from street?

o What condition is the entry signage in? Wear and tear, fading?  Is your brand up to date?

Parking Lot Signage

o Are reserved spots (handicapped, employee of month) clearly marked?

o Are parking signs faded or badly worn?

o Is the landscaping maintained?

o Is the lot clean and litter free?

Lobby Entry

o Is the entryway easy to spot and welcoming?

o Is the landscaping in good condition, not overgrown or dying?

o Are signs on or near door easy to read and in good condition?

o Is any door lettering updated with website, phone number, hours of operation?

o Are there any paper signs taped up with messaging?

o Would digital alternatives help educate your clients and even employees on current happenings, new products, and upcoming events?

Lobby Area

o Is the lobby area welcoming and clean?

o Is the waiting area clearly defined and comfortable?

o Are the furnishings in good condition?

o Is any lobby signage in good condition and up to date with brand?

o Is your brand, logo or messaging well represented with graphics, images, or displays?

o Do you have awards or recognitions clearly displayed?

o If you have no receptionist, is there clear signage welcoming and directing visitors?  

o Are there any paper signs taped up with messaging?

Office Areas

o Are there clear signs for way finding to help visitors navigate to exit, find restrooms and common areas?

o Are office entry areas clean, well marked with office numbers or occupant names?

o Could some branding, graphics or displays of prominent projects brighten office work areas and share your business message?

o Employee break room areas – how do you reach them?

o Conference rooms – branding or privacy graphics on glass or walls?


o Check your restroom signs – are they up to ADA standards and in good condition?


Brand Review

Assess your logo and messaging

o Logo – does it represent what your business aspires to be? Is it memorable?

o Letterhead and cards – are they of a quality that matches your business image?

o Updates – is it time to refresh your brand and launch a new, better version?


o Review what print you’ve been doing and its target.  Does it still make sense?  Is the message clear?  Or could you update the ad with new messaging, social media notations, a website, QR codes?

TV or Radio

o These can be among the biggest investments. Will they work, considering the changing role of broadcasting in your clients’ lives?

o Do internet TV options offer new alternatives?

Outdoor Signage

o If your sign is old or faded, consider a replacement for instant increase in traffic.

o Consider digital signage – high visibility and constant flexibility.

Internet presence

o Review your website closely – drill into pages and links.

Is content still relevant?

Is it being updated regularly?

Does it tell your entire product story?

Do all links and pages work well and load quickly?

o Review your social media plan

It is working?

Does it need a new strategy?

Are you maximizing interactions with customers?

Consider promotions, contests, and advertising.

o Website traffic

Do you monitor the results?

Is it easy for your web visitors to convert to customers?

Have you considered how to increase traffic or increase buyers?



Review fleet, delivery or company cars

o Are the vehicles in good condition? 

o Does your fleet have a consistent look? Do graphics need to be replaced or changed?

o Look at new social media options to increase effectiveness – add a QR code or text message option for your clients.

Consider a variety of graphics

o Anything from full wraps to simple website lettering will take advantage of the great advertising opportunity your cars have.


Other Things to Consider

Nametags or desk plates 

Trade show graphics or displays

Window graphics

Safety Signage

No Smoking Signage

Business cards