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Graphics Included*

> Banner 3' H x 10' W QTY 01
Full Colour on Vinyl with Grommets 

> Hole Sponsor Signs QTY 18 
18” x 24”
Full Colour single-sided on coroplast complete with wire step stakes.

> Sponsor Boards QTY 02
24" W x 36" H

Regular $950
Sale $825
Save $125


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How To Fundraise with Golf Tournament Signs

Using banners and signs to raise money for charities, events and sports teams is essentially an exchange of money for visibility. Corporate donors "purchase" exposure at your events and in your print and signage collateral and in return, they get seen as sponsors.

Don't be bashful about approaching companies to be sponsors because you're actually doing them a favour. Their marketing manager likely has a budget for advertising and events and they are looking for good return on investment exposure opportunities. When you tell them about how many people will be seeing their name and logo on your event or team banners and signs and how often, that marketing manager will hear "impressions", which is marketing-speak for "eyeballs looking at our brand".

The more visibility opportunities your team or charity provides for your sponsors, the more they will want to buy those sponsorship opportunities and the more money you will raise.

Golf tournaments are a wonderful way to raise money and cultivate corporate sponsorship relationships with business people who love doing business networking out on the back nine. It's an established practice for "good corporate citizens" to be seen supporting community causes and charities. Your golf tournament is the perfect opportunity for companies to be seen doing the right thing.

A golf tournament offers many ways to fundraise with signage. When your golfers arrive, they will be greeted by a large banner or plastic sign welcoming them and showing them who the sponsors are - the companies that paid your charity good money to be seen on that welcome sign!

Golf Tournament Signs Signarama Richmond

Then the golfers jump into a golf carts that can have easily-removed decals on them showing sponsor's logos.  Out on the course, there's 18 holes plus 18 tee-off locations.  "Hole Signs" can be sold to sponsors, with either one sign per hole or many signs. Signarama Richmond can create for you light plastic coroplast signs with digital graphics and wire stepstakes so that you can easily position these signs around the golf course.

After the golfing, you'll probably host a reception or dinner which is another visibility opportunity for some lucky corporate sponsors.

Several months before your event talk to Signarama Richmond so we can help you strategize on how best to raise money with signs at your golf tournament.


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