Artwork Submission


To ensure the art time is properly quoted for your order, please provide the art files at the time of
your quote request.

Our prices are based on receiving digital art that has been prepared as per the specifications below.
Files not prepared to these specifications may be subject to additional art charges and also cause delays
in production. If you have any questions or concerns about how to prepare your art files, please contact
your sales representative at Signarama Richmond.






Adobe ® Illustrator and EPS files should be submitted with all placed images embedded, all tranparencies flattened and outlined text/fonts. Save with “compatible gradient” option checked if graphics includes gradients.
TIF Adobe® Photoshop TIF images should be flattened after removing all template lines and saved with no compression.








• Submit all artwork files in CMYK color space mode.

• If you have pantone numbers, please include in your art file.

• A minimum resolution of 300dpi at the 100% final finished size.
• Avoid using web-based graphics. Some graphic types such as GIF and PNG files are mainly used as web graphics
and will print blocky or “pixelated”.

• Review the artwork at final size on your monitor before submission. Look for pixelation, overlapping graphics, and
effects. When viewing your graphics at full size, be sure there are no errors or visual imperfections.

• Work at full scale: Whenever possible, work at actual size. If limitations in your software do not allow this, then work at a 50% or 10% scale and we will automatically scale your image tot the proportional size that you enter on the order form.

Use vector art when possible for logos, fonts, and line drawings. Convert raster art to vector
to avoid pixelation or jagged edges.

• All fonts must be converted to outlines, curves or paths

• Flatten all transparencies.
• Failure to flatten transparencies before submission may lead to unexpected printing results.

• Your artwork files must remain open & accessible.
• Do not password-protect or encrypt your files.

• We will not check for grammatical and typographical errors.
• Grammatical and typographical errors are common. Before submitting your artwork file, be sure to review it thoroughly.