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Vehicle magnets

Increase the visibility of your company vehicle fleet with magnetic signs for your employee and subcontractor vehicles. Magnets are a great temporary sign that can stick onto (almost) any vehicle!

Why magnets?

  • They are removable. Perfect for your employees and contractors.
  • They’re inexpensive compared to vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps.

Using your vehicle magnets

  1. Always clean the magnet and the surface of the vehicle before applying the magnet to your vehicle. Use a damp cloth and mild soap if needed.
  2. Always make sure the magnet is completely flat on the vehicle. If any edges are lifting up, the wind may catch it while you’re driving and pull it off of your vehicle.
  3. Do not apply the magnet over plastic moldings or other non-magnetic and non-flat parts of the vehicle.
  4. Clean the magnet and the vehicle surface often! Moisture or dirt trapped between the magnet and the vehicle may harm your vehicle’s finish.

Storing your vehicle magnets

  1. Store the magnet flat when it’s not on the vehicle. Never fold it!
  2. Store the magnet within 7-30 degrees Celsius. When the magnet is on the vehicle it can withstand a wider range of temperatures and weathering.

Download these instructions in PDF format for printing.


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