Vehicle decals & graphics

Why vehicle graphics?

Simply put, vehicle graphics are the best way to spend your advertising dollars.

Have you ever thought about how many cars you see in a day? Depending on city and population size, between 3,000 to 6,000 people will see your vehicle graphics every hour that you’re on the road.

You’ll dramatically increase the visibility and name recognition of your business at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising like billboards, radio, newspapers and television.

Why not wraps?

We’ve seen a decline in sales for full vehicle wraps in recent years. The cost of a wraps is typically 8-10 times the price of decals, and they don’t usually make a good return without hiring a creative agency to design something really spectacular. There’s also been a trend toward simplicity in graphic design lately and simple designs are better suited for decals than wraps.

Why are we mentioning this? Because we’ve had fantastic success using decals to brand company vehicles for local businesses on the North Shore. Wraps these days are few and far between, so we’re focusing on what works and what’s affordable for your business. 

What about the design?

The key to designing vehicle graphics is simplicity, and a lot of people get that wrong. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, so really your logo is the only essential part of the design. Everything else is secondary and anything that doesn’t need to be there should be left out of the design.

Our designer will use photos of your vehicle or a line-drawn template to mock up your graphics and production will not begin until you’re happy with the design!

How does it work?

Call us, send an email or drop by our office. We’ll usually need to see photos of your vehicle and a sample of your logo; then we’ll write you a quote or an estimate to design, produce and install your graphics. The whole process typically takes anywhere from 5-10 working days, though we often do rush jobs on tighter timelines.


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Samples of our work

  • 1-colour vinyl lettering on a full-size van
  • Perforated window graphics and white vinyl lettering
  • Full-colour decals
  • Partial wrap on pickup truck
  • 2-colour vinyl graphics on a company vehicle
  • Hood decal
  • 2-colour vinyl lettering on a pickup truck
  • Trailer lettering (2 colours)
  • Printed graphics on a panel van, cut to vehicle contours
  • Window lettering on a pickup truck
  • Vinyl lettering on a work trailer
  • Printed die-cut vinyl artwork on touring canoes
  • Printed die-cut vinyl graphics on a panel van
  • Three colours of vinyl graphics on a cube van
  • 2-colour vinyl lettering on a panel van
  • Two colour vinyl logo on a panel van
  • 2-colour vinyl logo on a large van