Dimensional signs

Dimensional signs (or raised lettering), add a layer of professionalism that is unparalleled in other types of flat signage. With the wide variety of materials we use for dimensional signs, the creative possibilities are endless!


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Plastic letters have a long life in outdoor settings, and can be painted to any custom colour (we usually match Pantone specs).

Samples of our work

  • Dimensional logo with
  • Dimensional acrylic logo on backing panel with standoffs
  • Dimensional acrylic with custom paint and giclee print, on backing panel
  • Dimensional acrylic sign, painted to Pantone colours
  • Dimensional ACP sign, painted to spec
  • Dimensional acrylic letters with standoffs
  • Dimensional foam letters
  • Dimensional acrylic lettering
  • Dimensional acrylic lettering
  • Interior wall sign - routed acrylic with high gloss paint finish


Metal letters can be painted, but are usually bare, anodized or clearcoated to show off the metallic finish. We manufacture dimensional metal signs from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and more. We also offer many specialty finishes including polished, brushed, and even patina!

Samples of our work

  • Wild Bird Trust of BC
  • Milori Homes, North Vancouver
  • Metal lettering styles
  • Flat cut, cast and prismatic letters