Artwork guidelines

Guidelines for preparing production-ready artwork

File formats

Design in vector whenever possible, and make sure photos have a high resolution.

PDF is the ideal format for printing and signage production. If you’re sending a flat raster image for digital printing, TIFF and JPEG are also acceptable.


Your final file should be in CMYK mode, but we strongly recommend including Pantone colours for any colour-critical items such as logos. Many Pantone colours are outside of the CMYK spectrum so we can’t guarantee a perfect match, but it’ll be as close as possible.

Bleeds & trim marks

We generally require a 0.25″ bleed around the perimeter of the artwork. Please do not include trim marks, registration marks, colour bars or any other printer’s marks.


The 300ppi rule doesn’t always apply with large format prints. Here are some examples, using the formula of resolution (ppi) = 180 / viewing distance (metres) or resolution (ppi) = 600 / viewing distance (feet).

Viewing Distance

Recommended Resolution

0.6m / 2ft

300 ppi

1m / 3.3ft

180 ppi

1.5m / 5ft

120 ppi

2m / 6.5ft

90 ppi

3m / 10ft

60 ppi

5m / 16ft

35 ppi

10m / 33ft

18 ppi

15m / 50ft

12 ppi

50m / 160ft

4 ppi

60m / 200ft

3 ppi

200m / 650ft

1 ppi

350km (e.g. from space)

0.0005 ppi