#MarketingMonday: Diverse and Effective Window Graphics



Window graphics are a diverse and effective form of advertising and brand awareness. Whether it's eye-catching graphics on your storefront or privacy etching for your office windows, Signarama Edmonton can work with you to find the best fit for your company.


http://ab-edmonton.store.signarama.ca/froot/55097/uploads/image/120618%20003.jpgBlock-Out Vinyl

Block-Out Vinyl, or Calendared Vinyl, is our standard vinyl material. It can be installed on the inside or the outside of the window. You can print to your exact colour specifications, or choose from one of the dozen pre-made vinyl colours available from our high-end suppliers. This is a great option to create high impact graphics in situations where you're not worried about light, or where you want to increase privacy. 



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http://ab-edmonton.store.signarama.ca/froot/55097/uploads/image/120618%20003.jpgView-Through Vinyl

View-Through Vinyl, or perforated vinyl, is a great option. This vinyl allows you to be able to look out of your  window, while minimizing the visbility into your storefront. Perfect to deter theft and facilitate privacy, these graphics are bright and eye-catching. They also allow a bit more light than the Block-Out option, meaning you'll still be able to enjoy the lovely Alberta sunshine. 




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http://ab-edmonton.store.signarama.ca/froot/55097/uploads/image/120618%20003.jpgGlass Etch Vinyl

Glass Etch Vinyl lives up to its name with a smoky, textured effect that is similar to a true glass etching. A variety of businesses use this material to lend privacy to indoor windows. It also offers an understated look for the graphics you want to suggest rather than highlight. 

 There are a variety of shades of etch vinyl. We would be happy to set up an appointment to show you samples and see what is the best fit for your business.



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http://ab-edmonton.store.signarama.ca/froot/55097/uploads/image/120618%20003.jpgIndividually Cut Letters ("RTA")

Ready-to-Apply "RTA" Cut Vinyl Letters are a simple and timeless style for your business graphics. They're commonly used for store hours, business names, and lists of services. These graphics can be installed on the outside or inside of the window, and are designed for easy install. 




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Contact us now to get to work on your company's new window graphics. We'll need a picture of the window(s), the overall height and width, and details on what you need on the window.