#MarketingMonday: Tradeshow Tips & Tricks

Do you have a tradeshow coming up in the next couple of months, or one you're already planning for in the fall or New Year? This post should be a source of great information to keep in mind as you move forward. 


Why are tradeshows important to your business?

Tradeshows have a proven track record of supporting and boosting sales. It's important to put your best foot forward at tradeshows, which have been to shown to be the #1 business-to-business marketing spend. Booth appearance plays an integral part in the overall success of your tradeshow experience. A well designed booth can lure attendees, lend credibilty, and let attendees know you care about your image. The following tips & tricks should help simplify this process and aim you in the right direction.

  1. Simplicity is key. Resist the urge to fill your trade show display with too much information and cluttered pictures and graphics. Instead, create a solid focus to each tradeshow presence with clear goals and objectives for your participation.
  2. Be active in your booth. Don’t hide in the back of your booth with a blank look on your face. Stand at attention, in the front of your booth, with a warm smile. You want attendees to feel welcome to engage you in conversation – not intimidated to approach you.
  3. Offer giveaways and other incentives to visit your booth. People love collecting swag at tradeshows. However, it can be hard to determine who is visiting your booth to learn more about your company, and who is just visiting to snap up the free hat you are giving away. To beat this conundrum, host giveaways that are brand focused. Offer discounts on products and services or, if you are set on handing out chachkies, make sure they are branded with your logo and website.  

  4. Scope out the competition. The easiest way to learn what not to do, or to do better, with your display is to take a walk around the exhibit hall. See what your competition is doing to attract attendees or how they utilized their space. If you see something that is working, make a note.
  5. Give yourself a break. Tradeshows can be long and daunting if you don't give yourself the chance to rest, relax, and refuel. Plan shifts with coworkers to make sure that customers get helped without employees getting burnt out.
  6. Promote your participation in the tradeshow. Promotion is key to a successful tradeshow appearance – and not just once the show doors open. Work with show management to learn about preshow promotional opportunities offered by the tradeshow. Work your own promotional magic before the show by sending personal invitations to some of your best customers, as well as industry media, advertise in industry publications, and include your booth number on all customer touch points leading up to the show including website, social media sites and direct mail.

  7. Build an attractive, dynamic display. Let’s face it. Eye-catching booths capture a lot of attention on the tradeshow floor. This often leads to increased foot traffic, giving your booth staff ample opportunity to connect with real customers. However, effective displays aren’t just big and colorful. Your booth should be objective driven and focused on the needs of your target audience. Don’t clutter the audience with gimmicks. Text should be limited to memorable headlines and basic information, and graphics should help tell the story of your products, services and company.


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