#MarketingMonday: The Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

You’ve passed them along roadways, glanced over at them as you idled at stop lights, and noticed them parked in front of businesses and job sites. Did they give you cause for a double take?

Vehicle graphics or wraps are a powerful method of advertising. Your vehicle can become a mobile billboard for your business, boosting your visibility as you drive from location to location in and around your community. Simple to do, vehicle wraps just might be your best solution for getting the greatest bang for your buck when it comes to advertising.

Signarama can implement anything you can imagine – from the basic logo and lettering on your vehicle door to a complete wrap of the vehicle. If it rolls, flies or floats, Signarama can wrap it! Not sure what type of wrap would work best for you? Let us help you figure it out. But, first, check out these frequently asked questions.
Q: What is a vehicle wrap? 
A: A vehicle wrap is not a custom paint job, but is sure looks like it! Using a precise application process, a hi-tech vinyl covering is adhered directly to your vehicle.
Q: My vehicle is black. Can I still get it wrapped? 
A: Yes, a vehicle wrap can be applied to vehicles of any color.
Q: Will the wrap damage my paint? 
A: No. When a vehicle wrap is applied and removed correctly, it does not damage your vehicle's paint, unless the paint already is damaged or the car has been repainted.
Q: Can I take it through the carwash? 
A: Yes, you can wash it just like you did before it was wrapped. It is not recommended that you use wax. Handheld power washers should be avoided.
Q: How effective is a vehicle wrap? 
A: Studies have concluded that a vehicle wrap can garner up to 8.3 million views per year in a city of 50,000. That is a lot of impressions!
Q: If I dent a side of my vehicle can my vehicle wrap be fixed? 
A: Yes, we can easily replace the damaged pieces or panels of your wrap. 
Q: How much will it cost?
Prices for wraps vary, but they're usually around $10.50 per square foot. We can provide you with a specific quote if you bring your vehicle by our shop for pictures, measurements, and a design meeting. 
Vehicle graphics can fit any budget – partial wraps, decals and window coverings are a few budget-friendly options. The most amazing aspect of vehicle graphics is the diversity and variability in design and application. Any design concept can be produced to fit any type of vehicle, including scooters, golf carts, big trucks and small cars.
Contact us now to set up an appointment and begin your vehicle wrap journey.